Conservators are trained professionals who focus on the care and restoration of objects that have cultural or historical value. Such objects may include paintings and sculptures, fine prints, textiles, books, photographs, archival records and paper, and archeological artifacts. These artifacts are considered valuable sources of information for study and research, specifically in their original form.


Computers and computer networks have changed the way in which people work, play, do business, run organizations and countries, and interact with one another on a personal level. The workplace of the early twentieth century was full of paper, pens, and typewriters. The office of the early twenty-first century is a place of glowing monitor screens, keyboards, mice, scanners, digital cameras, printers, and speech recognition equipment. The office is no longer isolated; it is linked by computer networks to others like it around the world.

Educational Computer Software

Educational computer software inherited from television the hope for revolutionizing educational practice. In addition to the audiovisual qualities found in educational television, computers offered learners interactivity, immediacy of feedback about responses, and control over learning experiences. Academic subjects such as mathematics, science, history, and reading could be taught to children in an efficient manner. Nonetheless, not all computer applications are alike in the educational opportunities that they afford children.

Computer Software

Computer hardware, consisting mainly of the central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM), and various peripheral devices, provides the physical components needed for computation, but hardware by itself can do nothing useful without the explicit step-by-step instructions provided by computer software. Computer software consists of sequences of instructions for the CPU. A sequence of instructions for the CPU is typically referred to as a program.           

Computer Literacy

Computer literacy can be defined from two vantage points, each of which is informed by a dynamic mixture of skills that are needed to access and manipulate digitally encoded informa tion. For an individual, it simply means being able to use the computer as a means to an end. A person who uses a vehicle to get from point a to point b must know how to drive, have a basic understanding of the need for automobile maintenance (such as having the oil changed), and demonstrate knowledge of the rules of the road. That person does not need any in-depth knowledge of how a car functions.

Talena Mathis - Complained

Talena Mathis[size=5]Marketing ♦ Project Coord. ♦ Community Relations ♦ Web & Social Media Manager ♦ Graphic Designer[/size]Callahan, FL
-* Proactive Marketing and Communications Consultant with a track record of advising clients on marketing, web development and design, and communications strategy.
* Proven success in project management, planning, readiness, engagement; Project manager of policies development, programs, events, and communicating client priorities with external audiences; through the use of effective facilitation and presentation proficiencies.  

Joel Santiago

Joel SantiagoBusiness StudentOrlando, FL
-Work ExperienceMarketing Assistant/Volunteer
Orange County Bar Association-2012 to 2013
Responsible for the contact and coordination of legal and business professionals in order to facilitate successful communication as it pertains to event planning for seminars, mediations, leadership and development programs, and luncheons. Assisted in the marketing and advertising of Bar Association available programs.
Business Analyst

Ieasha Crabbe

Ieasha CrabbeSales & Marketing CoordinatorNew York, NY
-A passionate, organized and well-informed sales professional with a proven
record of driving revenue gains and brand awareness through intelligent use of social

Mary McPhail

Mary McPhailMarketing ManagerMedford, NY
-Work ExperienceMarketing Manager
Vanguard Funding LLC - Garden City, NY-September 2013 to February 2014
Responsible for all marketing functions including the creation of marketing brochures, presentations, co-branded material, product training and announcements, brand awareness, retention and loyalty programs, etc.


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